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Generational Canvas Tents

One of our long time customers sent us pictures of their hunting camp from last year.  The neatest thing about this set of pictures is that the canvas tent pictured here we built almost 25 years ago.   It is a testament to our mission to build products that last generations.     View our canvas tents here.

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Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best Canvas Tent for Your Next Camping Trip

How to Choose the Best Canvas Tent for Your Next Camping Trip Tents are the accommodation of choice for those who love to immerse themselves in nature, but did you know that the canvas tent also played an important role in our history? Not only have tents been around since ancient times, but they've played a central role in sheltering and protecting soldiers in both the Revolutionary and Civil War. Nowadays camping out's associated more with leisure than survival, but it's still important to choose the right tent if you want to enjoy a comfortable stay.  Find out everything you need to know before you buy a canvas tent. Why are Canvas Tents the Best Type of Tents? You're probably wondering why...

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Why Canvas - Canvas Tent Benefits

Why Canvas?  Canvas Tent Benefits. When deciding what kind of tent to buy there are a variety of options available to consumers.  Canvas Tents provide a number of advantages.  Durability: Canvas tents are very durable. Their canvas layer over the tent frame makes for a strong and durable tent. Breathability: This is another added benefit of a canvas tent. The breathability of canvas is a very nice benefit.  If you have ever woken up inside a nylon tent with the tent full of condensation you will soon come to appreciate the breathability of canvas. Insulation: Canvas will insulate at a higher rate than nylon or other tents on the market due to the properties of the fabric. This will result...

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How To Care For Your Wall Tent - Canvas Tent

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR WALL TENT – CANVAS TENT   We here at Big Sky Canvas want to make sure you care for your investment properly.  Our canvas tents have been used all over the United States in a variety of environments for 40+ years and are built to last generations. Like other fine pieces of equipment, tools, and clothing, proper maintenance is required. Here are a few tips to care for your Wall Tent: Zipper Preservation: Have zipper unzipped when placing/removing wall tents over a frame to prevent too much stress on zipper. Set up Location: Be aware of which trees emit resins and avoid setting up under these types of trees. This is also important to review for where...

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Highline For Hunting Camp – Keeping Your Stock In Camp – Meet Back-Country Wilderness Requirements

Highline For Hunting Camp – Keeping Your Stock In Camp – Meet Backcountry Wilderness Requirements When you are headed into your back-country camp for hunting, fishing or a pack trip with your stock (horses and mules) you will need to establish how you are going to keep your stock safe at camp while they are not being used.  As soon as you get to camp and before you setup your Canvas Wall Tent you will need to setup a highline for your stock or a temporary corral out of electrical fencing that you packed into camp.  It is important that you understand the regulations for your specific state if you are in a wilderness or back-country area.  Check with your...

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