How to Choose the Best Canvas Tent for Your Next Camping Trip

Tents are the accommodation of choice for those who love to immerse themselves in nature, but did you know that the canvas tent also played an important role in our history?

Not only have tents been around since ancient times, but they've played a central role in sheltering and protecting soldiers in both the Revolutionary and Civil War.

Find out everything you need to know before you buy a canvas tent.

Canvas Tents are made to last generations.  Unlike other tents, canvas tents durability is unmatched for camping, hunting, fishing or other outdoor pursuits.  Our tents are all hand crafted, stitch by stitch in our facility in Montana.  Montana tents made with pride by a talented team for over 40 years.

Each tent featured comes in a variety of sizes.  If you need a tent frame we manufacture those at our facility as well.  If you need an angle kit for your tent frame we have those available as well.  Contact us for different tent packages and tent sizing.  Our Canvas Wall Tents, Canvas Range Tents and Glamping Tents are all made custom to your specifications.   

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