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Since 1976, we've been making a full range of outdoor recreational products for a varying clientele. Over the decades, we have perfected the art of producing products that our customers enjoy.

Installing an awning on your property not only protects your building but also increases the usability of your outdoor space. The broad choices of awnings our shop can offer you is extensive.  

Contact us today for custom made shade structures designed specifically to fit the style of your outdoor space. Our awnings are custom manufactured to meet your needs.  Whether your goal is to protect yourself and your investment from the sun and rain, or if you need publicity, advertising, or add curb appear to your household or business we can manufacture an awning specific to your requirements and desires, 


Installing an awning in your home or commercial property can be a significant improvement project, increasing its value and offering you protection during scorching summers, freezing winters, and heavy rains. 

No matter where you install the shade structure, whether over the window or the door, it can help to keep away sunlight and glare and ultimately increase your property's energy efficiency

Awnings come in varying sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and styles. It's essential that you know how to choose one that meets all your needs.

Here are the types of awnings common in the marketplace today:

Retractable Awnings

These are the most preferred type because of their flexibility—you can roll or fold them up in bad weather. In this case, you're assured of low maintenance requirements for the frames and replacement costs for the canvas. 

When you don't need the structure, you can retract it in a slim casing. One of the significant advantages of this type of shade structure is that you can operate it automatically or manually.

Besides, they come in varying colors, fabrics, and styles, and you can even install them on patios or porches.

Stationary Awnings

Stationary awnings are installed permanently on the building. They are the strongest type of shade structures and can endure extreme weather elements, including strong winds and snow. 

You can even install them on an oddly shaped deck. These types are available in various styles, such as dome, concave, and waterfall. A professional should handle the installation process to ensure the structure's durability. You can get them customized to fit your tastes and requirements.

Motorized/Automatic Awnings

These are very popular type of awning for commercial buildings. You can adjust them correctly by sliding them up or down via smart controls. You can control them using remote, button, or sensor systems. Motorized awnings are easy to install. 

Most of the advanced models of automatic awnings are controlled via sensors, and you can program them to detect extreme winds, sun, or rain, and retract automatically. The sensor-triggered models are the most convenient, but quite expensive.

Portable Awnings

You can also call them freestanding awnings. As the name depicts, you don't need to fix them on a wall. They come with a freestanding structural framework. 

These kinds are the best for use as patio awnings. Although they aren't as robust as the other types, they offer excellent protection from excess sunlight and other undesirable weather elements. Also, you can move them from one location to another with ease. They are common in open spaces such as lawns and poolside areas. 

You can decide to purchase the canvas and the structural framework separately. The structure can be made of iron, aluminum, or steel, while the canvas is made from materials such as polyester, acrylic, vinyl, yarn, or cotton.


We offer a wide variety of vinyl and canvas fabric in the color of your choice.

The crew and quality at Big Sky Canvas is spectacular! Our business regularly orders custom umbrellas, outdoor table covers, and even canvas tote bags. Turn time on orders is quick and service is great. Thank you!

- Ranch Club

Few companies can deliver the start-to-finish expertise you find at Big Sky Canvas. 

We identify the versatility and value of beautifully-crafted awnings that provide style, comfort, protection and space. 

We combine quality materials, custom design and professional installation to meet your satisfaction and budget. 

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