RV Skirts, Soft tops and repairs


Custom RV Skirts

If you have an RV that needs a skirt or maybe a cover bring it by and we'll design, manufacture and install it on your RV. It is a pure custom process. If you need anything repaired of any sort bring it by and we'll make it new again. If you have a Land Rover or a Jeep that needs a new soft top we make them custom to your rig.

Big Sky Canvas RV Skirts and Covers

Enhance your recreational vehicle with Big Sky Canvas RV skirts and covers. There are many benefits to using these products to protect your camper while it's in storage or on the road. 

How It Works

At Big Sky Canvas, we customize each RV skirt and cover for your vehicle. If you need protective coverings, bring in your RV for an appointment. We'll take the appropriate measurements and talk to you about the materials available for your products. 

We can handle RVs of all sizes and shapes thanks to a dedicated team that has many years of combined experience constructing RV covers and skirt from the highest grade fabric.

Once we have taken your order, we work tirelessly to make the cover and skirt as quickly as possible, so you can use it on your next road or camping trip. 

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction because our business depends on it!

Benefits of Investing in an RV Cover

At the end of the camping season, many owners sadly put their RVs in storage. Whether that means parking it in the backyard or something fancier, you want to protect your vehicle when you aren't traveling. 

A Big Sky Canvas RV cover has many advantages when it comes to keeping your home on the road in good condition, including the following:

  • Protects your RVs finish, fabrics and paint from UV damage.
  • Prevents sap, bird droppings, dirt and debris from damaging the paint. 
  • Repels rain and snow while the breathable material allows moisture to evaporate or run off
  • Minimize black streaks from accumulated debris and weather and maintenance

Customized Fit

We design and manufacture RV covers to fit specific RVs for a customized fit that best protects your vehicle. Our RV covers are made with multiple layers of material with reinforced areas include the corners. 

Quick-connect cinching and buckles enable no-fuss covering and uncovering at the end or beginning of your trip. Weighted tie-downs and vents keep the cover firmly in place and avoid wind damage.

Investing in a premium RV cover can maintain the resale value of your camper.  Keep your RV in optimal condition and reduce the amount of washing and waxing you have to do over the years. RV covers even add a layer of security, making it a bit harder for vandals or thieves to access your vehicle.

RV Skirting And Why You Need One

Big Sky Canvas RV Skirts are sometimes referred to as windskirting. However, they do so much more than that. RV skirts are placed around the bottom of the camper to protect the undercarriage from cold temperatures. If you travel in the fall or winter, RV skirts can keep the cabin cozy. In the summer, our skirts also provide insulation against hot weather.

Contact Big Sky Canvas Today

Contact Big Sky Canvas today to make an appointment to order your Big Sky Canvas skirts and covers. Stay warm and cozy in the colder months and cooler in the summer with a custom-made RV skirt and keep your RV clean and protected when you're not using it!




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Excellent job creating a custom cover for my RV! From dream/conception to finished project! Thank you for making my travel experience a breeze. Great work! — Jamie L


The Big Sky Canvas team works hard everyday to ensure that your investments are protected for generations to come.

Call today for your free consultation!


If you are in need of a skirt call us to schedule an appointment.  We can build any type of skirt by hand for your RV.  Our team spends countless hours constructing each cover with the highest grade fabric and threads.  We will work tirelessly to protect your investment.

You Imagine it, We Manufacture it. 

If you have something that you need engineered, constructed and crafted our team will work diligently to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the end product.

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