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Montana Camping: Everything to Know About Canvas Tents

Many American's have turned to the joys of camping and other outdoor pursuits during these troubled times. Yet, camping's been on the rise in the USA since long before the words 'social distancing' ever echoed through our lives. According to the North American Camping Report for 2019, more than 7.2 million American households have taken up camping in the last five years. If you're one of these outdoor enthusiasts intent on taking advantage of the wide-open spaces more often, you'll need your own tent sooner rather than later. Here's what you need to know about picking the perfect tent for your next Montana camping expedition. The Best Type of Tents for Montana Camping If you've started your search for the perfect tent, you might...

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How To Care For Your Wall Tent - Canvas Tent

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR WALL TENT – CANVAS TENT   We here at Big Sky Canvas want to make sure you care for your investment properly.  Our canvas tents have been used all over the United States in a variety of environments for 40+ years and are built to last generations. Like other fine pieces of equipment, tools, and clothing, proper maintenance is required. Here are a few tips to care for your Wall Tent: Zipper Preservation: Have zipper unzipped when placing/removing wall tents over a frame to prevent too much stress on zipper. Set up Location: Be aware of which trees emit resins and avoid setting up under these types of trees. This is also important to review for where...

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