Truck Tarps

Truck Tarps for Semi-Truck Flatbeds 

We custom manufacture our truck tarps with a revolutionary truck tarp fabric that is 33% lighter than the average lumber tarp, Shelter-lite. Shelter-lite features a nylon base for easier handling and cold temperature flexibility, and a unique fabric coating that provides the strength and durability of an 18oz vinyl tarp, but weighs only 13oz. This fabric is weaved and coated in the U.S.A. by an American Company. We build our tarps with the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship. Standard sizes available, custom and semi truck tarps available.

Big Sky Canvas Truck Tarps

Protect your semi-truck with Big Sky Canvas truck tarps. Truckers use our tarps to cover and protect their cargo as well as other drivers on the road. Tarping your flatbed truck keeps your load secure and prevents debris from damaging other vehicles. The right tarp with high quality fabric and craftsmanship will also reduce your cargo claims. 

Innovative Shelter-lite Fabric

Big Sky Canvas produces truck tarps with an innovative fabric that is 33% lighter than most of our competitors. Our Shelter-lite fabric has a nylon base to make it easier to handle and for increased cold temperature flexibility. 

We use a variety of vinyl weights ranging from 13 oz. vinyl up to 22 oz. vinyl, depending on the use.

Here are the stand-out features of this unique fabric:

  • Coating that adds strength and durability equal to an 18oz vinyl tarp, weighing just 13oz.
  • Made in the U.S.A. by an American Company
  • Highest quality craftsmanship.
  • Standard and custom sizes available for semi-truck tarps
  • Our tarps typically last over a decade even under frequent use

Tarps for Custom Uses

We have tarps available for a number of flatbed cargo specialties, including:

  • Lumber
  • Steel 
  • Machinery
  • Coil
  • Smoke
  • Roll and Dump Truck
  • Custom Tarps 

Coil Tarps

Coil tarps are custom-made for your flatbed coils. They keep steel coils securely mounted and withstand the stress associated with chain tightening. Our coil tarps stand up to the chafing and rubbing that occurs once the load is secure.

Steel Tarps and Lumber Tarps

Heavy loads require heavy-duty fabric, and both our steel and lumber tarps have 18-oz vinyl composition to cover and secure steel and lumber transported on flatbed trucks.

Machinery Tarps

Transporting expensive equipment carries a lot of responsibility. Using the right tarp gives you confidence that you have protected your load. Machinery tarps can handle oddly-shaped machines and vehicles such as farm machinery or forklifts. 

Smoke Tarps

Smoke tarps secure the front of your load to prevent smoke, dust and debris from the smokestack from coating the load. A smoke tarp, or nose tarp, is square and smaller than other flatbed truck tarps. Deliver your goods clean and free of the debris that belches out of diesel vehicles to keep your clients happy.

Semi-Truck Tarpaulins

Truck tarps secure, protect and contain loads on flatbed trailers. If you haul lumber and steel cables, tarps are a necessity. Our waterproof truck tarps shelter your precious cargo from the elements and help you adhere to state and federal regulations. It also protects other drivers from debris that may otherwise blow off the flatbed into oncoming traffic.

Truck Tarp Price List - Contact us For Pricing 

13 oz. shelter lite domestic vinyl

16w x 26L 4’ drop                       

20w x 26L 6’ drop                       

24w x 26L 8’ drop                      

Includes: 3 rows D-Rings, Grommets on bottom

Extra cost: Extra rows of D-rings $40.00 each row, 28L extra $100, name of company on tarp $60.00, webbing $20.00, prices per tarp

Tarps can be made for any trailer configuration you pull.  Whether it is a 48' trailer, 53' trailer, quad axle trailer, maxi trailer, step-deck, a-train, b-train, grain trailer, side kit or any other type of trailer configuration available in the marketplace today.   

Import Fabric Tarps - Contact us For Pricing 

18 oz vinyl top w/ cordura sides

16w x 26L 4’ drop                       

20w x 26L 6’ drop                      

24w x 26L 8’ drop                       

Includes: 3 rows D-rings, grommets on bottom 

These are some of our most popular tarp models as they provide exceptional weight savings with high grade materials.  We revolutionized this tarp design over 40 years ago.  Over the decades it has been tested repeatedly and performed incredibly well. 

Tarps Are Always in Stock

Few things are more annoying than ordering a product you need now only to find out it's out of stock. That won't happen when you buy from us. Our 100% waterproof Big Sky Canvas truck tarps are always in stock — and always available just when you need them.

Call, email or send us a note online for more information or to order your Big Sky Canvas truck tarps today!

Frequently Asked Questions For Truck Tarps:

Which material should I get?

When we manufacture our truck tarps we have a variety of materials available to select from.  We can make them specific to your needs and custom to your needs.  This allows the use of heavier vinyl or lighter vinyl materials this can range from 13 oz. vinly to 14 oz. vinly up to 22 oz. vinyl and in some instances as heavy as 44 oz. vinyl in especially heavy applications. 

We also have a leading and proprietary truck tarp design that includes the use of vinyl and cordura.  This combination reduces the weight of the tarps by around 33% from your traditional truck tarp. 

It is important to note that the vinyl we utilize to make truck tarps is tested for durability.  Many of our truck tarp customers have been buying tarps from us for decades.

What is the difference between truck tarps on the market?

You will see a lot of companies that advertise very cheap tarps.  These tarps are cheap for a reason and it is largely due to the quality of materials and quality of vinyl they are utilizing to construct the truck tarps or flatbed tarps or machinery tarps.  We utilize only the highest quality materials, vinyls and cordura to manufacture our tarps.   

Waterproof vs Water Resistant vs Water Repellent:

Depending on the type of load you are hauling or the use of your tarp you will want to make sure your tarp specifications meet your needs.  Our tarps offer 100% waterproof design to make certain your load is secure and safe in transport,  

Do you repair tarps?

We have a full tarp repair shop.  Call or email with questions related to your truck tarp repair or tarp repair.  We will be honest with you and let you know if your tarp condition can take a repair or if you are in need of a new tarp.

Where are your tarps manufactured?

All of our tarps are proudly made in the U.S.A at our facility in Missoula, Montana.  Each one is made by hand by a talented team of professionals.

What is the lifespan of truck, machinery and flatbed tarps?

The lifespan of your tarp is largely driven by how you care for it during your ownership of the truck tarp or tuck tarps.  We have several customers that have been utilizing truck tarps purchased from us for a decade or more.  It starts with the quality of material and quality of craftsmanship and then ends with how you care for the tarps.

Are your truck tarps near me?

Our tarps are available for purchase in our shop, over the phone, online and via email.  You provide us the specifications and we will build the truck tarps to that specification.

We can hold tarps at our facility so you can pick them up, or we can ship them to you if needed.  So, yes, our tarps are near you, it is simply a matter of coordinating how you would like to receive your tarp. 



Most durable truck tarp I've ever owned. Tarping is easier now that I have a tarp that is much lighter but just as durable as my last one. Not to mention the 5 star customer service! Thank you Big Sky Canvas! 

— James L


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