Why Canvas - Canvas Tent Benefits

Why Canvas?  Canvas Tent Benefits.

When deciding what kind of tent to buy there are a variety of options available to consumers.  Canvas Tents provide a number of advantages. 

  • Durability: Canvas tents are very durable. Their canvas layer over the tent frame makes for a strong and durable tent.
  • Breathability: This is another added benefit of a canvas tent. The breathability of canvas is a very nice benefit.  If you have ever woken up inside a nylon tent with the tent full of condensation you will soon come to appreciate the breathability of canvas.
  • Insulation: Canvas will insulate at a higher rate than nylon or other tents on the market due to the properties of the fabric. This will result in warmer nights and better sleeping conditions.
  • Warmer: Most canvas tents will have an option to add a stove to them which will keep you warm while sleeping. If it is raining or snowing out during your camping trip you will certainly appreciate this warmth. 

Learn more about the benefits of canvas tents.


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