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Canvas Tents

A number of our canvas tents setup in Montana by one of our longtime customers. If you are in the market for a canvas tent  give us a call, send us a note or stop by our shop.  We love to share the stories of our canvas tents and how our customers use them in a variety of different ways.

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Canvas Tent With Integrated Porch

When you start thinking about your camping experience an integrated porch with one of our canvas tents is a great addition to enhance your experience.  Adding a tent porch will create more covered area for shade, gear, cooking or a sitting area.  It takes our canvas tents to another level of use.  Integrated tent porches are customizable to your needs.  We can adapt them to how you plan to use your tent.  At many levels it starts to create an opportunity to turn your tent in a cabin tent.   Contact us to learn more about our canvas tents and integrated porches. 

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A Cot or Camping Cot Are Great In Canvas Tents – Outfitting Your Tent

After you purchase your canvas tent it is important to start thinking about what you are going to put inside it.  Sleeping arrangements are top priority for most.  We recommend looking for a cot to purchase to put in your tent.  A good cot will make a world of difference when it comes to sleeping.  There are a variety of different cots on the market.  Camping cots come in a number of different shapes and sizes.  Some are sturdier than others.  Keep the sturdiness of the cot in mind when shopping for one.  Although we do not make cots ourselves we do repair camping cots.  Sometimes over years of use the cot fabric will start to breakdown and need repair. ...

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Canvas Tents – Glamping Tents – Tents – Tents With A Porch – Camping Tent – Which Tent Design Is Right For You?

Selecting a tent that best fits your needs can be a fun process when you start to look at the different tent options that are available.  When working with a company like ours you have the luxury to have a custom tent built to your exact specifications.  Whether you are looking for a wedding tent, maybe something along the lines of a military tent or an army tent or maybe a tent with a porch we will work directly with you to design the exact tent you are looking for that is specific to your use. When looking for heavy duty tents we have over 40 years of experience engineering tents that last.  Our tents are built for generations.   You...

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Generational Canvas Tents

One of our long time customers sent us pictures of their hunting camp from last year.  The neatest thing about this set of pictures is that the canvas tent pictured here we built almost 25 years ago.   It is a testament to our mission to build products that last generations.     View our canvas tents here.

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