Custom Manufacturing 

Contract Manufacturing  

40 Years of custom and contract manufacturing experience. 

Custom Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing

Bring us any idea and we will work to make it exactly to your specifications with the finest materials. If you need something made from a fabric we have a solution. We love working with customers on new ideas. Our portfolio of custom work is extensive.

Items that we have custom manufactured: 

  • Jet Engine Covers
  • Patio Furniture
  • Flower Pot Covers 
  • BBQ Covers
  • Pergolas
  • Dog Kennels
  • Yard Swings 
  • RV Covers
  • Camper Covers 
  • Trailer Skirting
  • ATV Covers 
  • Trailer Skirting
  • ATV Covers 
  • Snowmobile Covers
  • Commercial. Industrial Applications 

5 Advantages of Custom Manufacturing

Manufacturing a high-quality product can become an intense balancing act between cost management, engineering skill, and customer desires. For many businesses, though, there is a fantastic alternative that some don't consider, and that is custom manufacturing or contract manufacturing. 

Custom manufacturing is not for every business. It will require a good deal of coordination and communication. When done right, though, it can allow the best quality product to fill whatever needs you come across.

How do we use custom manufacturing to give your business a competitive edge? There are several advantages, so let's go over them right now. 

Breaking Down the Advantages to Custom Manufacturing

Crafting quality products comes easier from custom manufacturing. The entire process takes a heavier focus on more intricate detail, higher quality control, and more precision in production numbers.

This leaves you with a lot of excellent savings. What other major advantages does custom manufacturing give? 

1. Less Chance of Inventory Overstock

When we do custom manufacturing for a customer, we are working with a single client or project. This laser focus on getting what the customer wants means you don't need to produce a massive quantity of the product whether it is a concept or something you are looking to contract manufacture or get more competitive contract manufacturing bids.

Custom orders let us work to produce on-demand. We never have a worry about suffering from overstock as the entire set of products go right to the client with the custom request. 

2. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

That same laser focus puts a lot of our effort and expertise onto the client. The special expense of the custom manufacturing lets us tune the product to the exact customer needs. 

We work off of customer input, putting them right at the center of the process. This helps remind them that their product is in good hands, showing them the changes and features we can include to make their product a success. 

3. Improving Product Variety

When someone mass-produces an item, every detail must be the same. This means that a single run only adds a single item to a product line. When we work with custom manufacturing, the new changes in detail give us a new variation on your product line. 

The more we work with custom manufacturing, the more variety we will have for future customers to work from. 

4. Expanding Engineer Expertise

Nothing betters an artist or an engineer like working with something new and outside the box. Custom manufacturing pushes us to tweak things away from the standard line of thought. Expanding our horizons allows us to find unique designs that we would have never found had we stuck with the factory default design. 

5. Bettering Workflow With Contract Manufacturing

A facet of custom manufacturing comes in the form of contract manufacturing. This is where we can provide a full production service to another business that does not have the capability but needs to produce a product of their own.

This helps our client's workflow as they can outsource the entire manufacturing process to us. It helps our workflow by giving us a custom project to focus on. Together, it provides everyone involved with a quality custom product that helps both companies. 

The Right Products for the Right Enjoyment

With only one of these advantages, custom manufacturing could be a boon to any company and its customers. All 5 of them, though, provide a massive potential alternative to the industry standard or mass production of a product.  It also allows you and your company to identify that your product we manufactured for you is made in America.  

We here at Big Sky Canvas pride ourselves in the high-quality custom products we craft. If you have an interest in our products, we have the expertise to help! Contact us today and see why we are the company you can trust to deliver quality. 





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