Canvas Tents – Glamping Tents – Tents – Tents With A Porch – Camping Tent – Which Tent Design Is Right For You?

Selecting a tent that best fits your needs can be a fun process when you start to look at the different tent options that are available.  When working with a company like ours you have the luxury to have a custom tent built to your exact specifications. 

Whether you are looking for a wedding tent, maybe something along the lines of a military tent or an army tent or maybe a tent with a porch we will work directly with you to design the exact tent you are looking for that is specific to your use.

When looking for heavy duty tents we have over 40 years of experience engineering tents that last.  Our tents are built for generations.   You can count on our tents. 

You may find that you want a tent with a stove jack, or maybe you are looking for camping tents for sale near me, or perhaps you want to make sure your tent is made from waterproof canvas. Since all of our tents are custom made in our own shop we will take all of the time needed to visit with you about your idea and specific use to make sure you get the best tent for your needs.

When looking for camping tents for sale give us a call, send us an email or stop by our shop.  We would love to visit with you about your tent needs.

Contact us with any questions. 

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