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Hand Crafted Wooden Boat

Featured is a hand crafted, hand made wooden boat by one of our customers along with one of our custom boat covers.  Both the boat and the cover are a testament to hand crafted timeless products To learn more about the different boat cover types available in the market please visit this link.  Here you will see that there are a variety of different boat cover types. We make all boat covers custom to your boat. 

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Boat Frames - Bimini Tops - Convertible Tops - Enclosure Tops

BOAT FRAME STRUCTURE Each boat frame is unique and custom to the needs of the customer and their boat.  Each frame will be manufactured to your specific boat with assembly and installation occurring during the boat cover project.  Some options we may discuss with you related to your frame include: Rigid supports; Through-bolt mounts; Angle mounts; Dog-leg frame; Split mount; Grab rail  ATTACHED BIMINI TOP – CONVERTIBLE TOP – ENCLOSURE TOP Bimini Tops and enclosures are a great addition to a boat to extend days on the water.  In general an attached Bimini Top is any top supported by framework and attached to either boat, a radar arch or another top at one end.  A Convertible Top is any top...

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A GUIDE TO BOAT COVERS AVAILABLE AT BIG SKY CANVAS   At Big Sky Canvas we bring together over 40 years of experience making custom boat cover tops.  There are a number of different boat tops to choose from.   Below is a guideline and reference guide for the different types of boat tops to choose from. OUR CUSTOMER EXPEREIENCE PROCESS TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BOAT COVER: Each boat cover top is custom to your boat and will follow this process. Meet with our customer; Determine the type of cover needed and desired; Design the product custom to the boat; Build frame as needed; Start prodcution of the Cover, Top, Bimini, Frame, Dodger or chosen top; Consult with customer during build, send pictures...

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Boating Safety & Checklist

Big Sky Canvas cares about our customers safety while out on the water. Use this list as a guide to the supplies you should have for a boating trip. Your needs will vary depending on the type of boat, the water you will be in, and the activities planned.  Items Required by Montana or Federal Law Wearable Life Jackets (Types I, II or III) Throwable PFD (Type IV for boats 16' or longer) Fire Extinguisher(s) (motorboats) Backfire Flame Arrester (motorboats) entilation System (motorboats) Whistle or Horn Navigational Lights Registration Document Boat Number, Permanent Decal and Validation Decals Pre-launch Checklist Complete check for leaks; boat plug in Motor in good operating condition Propeller in good condition Fuel tanks full Suitable weather...

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