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Garlic Butter Backstrap Bites

Garlic Butter Backstrap Bites Cook Time: 15 minutes   Serves: 3-4 Need a quick main course or appetizer? Have a backstrap and 15 minutes? Then this is the recipe you need. We cut the meat into 1-inch cubes, sear them in cast iron, then toss them with a rich and delicious garlic butter pan sauce. Serve as a main course or on skewers as an easy appetizer. Serve the bites for dinner with potatoes or rice and a nice salad, or stick toothpicks in them and pass around as an appetizer. Either way, they make a delicious, quick and easy meal that everyone will enjoy. INGREDIENTS 2 pounds of venison backstrap, cut into 1-inch bites 1 tablespoon olive oil salt...

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