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Canvas Wall Tent Frame

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Tent Frame Kit

Big Sky Canvas Wall Tent Frame

Gain more time and efficiency in your canvas tent by investing in a sturdy canvas tent frame manufactured by Big Sky Canvas.  Our frames can be used with a tent you may already own or one you are purchasing from us. If we are building one for a tent you already own we will get precise measurements from you to make certain it is a perfect custom fit.  A frame designed by Big Sky Canvas drastically reduces the set-up time and enables one person to do the job alone if needed.  

There are many advantages to purchasing our canvas wall tent frames, designed to work with Big Sky canvas wall tents. 

Solid, Lightweight Steel Frame Construction

We manufacture our wall tent frames in the USA. Made of 1 3/8" galvanized steel lightweight material makes the frame easy to transport to your favorite camping site. 

Lightweight 1 3/8" Aluminum Frame Construction

We can manufacture Aluminum frames upon request.  Contact us directly for pricing for this tent frame setup.  Choosing between our Aluminum or Steel frames largely depends on what your intended use is for the frames and your canvas tent.  If you are packing the frame in a long-ways then the weight savings and increased cost of aluminum may be a good fit.  If you are not setting up a long ways from your vehicle each time then our steel canvas tent frame will likely be our recommendation. 

Reduce Set-Up Time

Leave the tools at home. The poles come cut to size, and you use the included durable coupling joints to assemble the frame in minutes.  If you need to purchase the joints (corner kits) separately from us we have those available for purchase as well.  

Use Big Sky Canvas frames with a tent you own or order from our wide selection of canvas wall tents made to your specifications. 

Purchase a Big Sky Canvas wall tent frame for a more satisfying outdoor adventure when used with our canvas wall tents.

Standard Sizes Available

We have standard sizes of wall tent frames you can choose from to fit your needs:

  • 8' X 10'
  • 10' X 12'
  • 12' X 14'
  • 14' X 16'
  • 16' X 20'

Each kit comes with the connectors needed to install the tent frame. 

Custom Sizes Available

If our standard sizes aren't exactly what you are looking for don't worry as our custom division can make a custom tent frame to fit your canvas tent.  We manufacture custom frames on a weekly basis. 

Tent Frames That Withstand Outdoor Conditions

Our frames hold up well under extreme wind and weather conditions.  Whether it is wind, rain, snow or something in-between our frames have been tested for decades to withstand these elements.  Our decades of experience engineering and designing our tent frames shows when it comes to standing up to strong weather conditions. 

Ideal for Use with Big Sky Canvas Tents

Using Big Sky Canvas canvas wall tent frames gives you the ideal support for our canvas wall tents.  Our frames provide very good headroom and will support your canvas tent and tent fly seamlessly. 

When you're camping with multiple people in the same tent, every inch of space is precious.  Our frames have been designed to maximize storage capacity and give you and your fellow campers or glampers more room to store your gear and spread out. 

How Fast Can You Set Up the Tent and Frame?

Most users report that setting up the frame and tent takes between 30 minutes to an hour. You can cut that time down by working with an installation buddy. We have developed a canvas tent setup guide that we can supply to those that have additional questions on how to setup your canvas tent.  

Order Your Big Sky Canvas Canvas Wall Tent Frame Today!

Big Sky Canvas manufactures items to your specifications. We pride ourselves on creating finely crafted tents and frames for each customer. With that in mind, please give us sufficient lead time for your tent and frame.

Feel free to contact us regarding the lead time needed to deliver your Big Sky Canvas wall tent frame or for more information on any of our products. 

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