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Over 40 Years Experience

Big Sky Canvas Wall Tents have been tested for decades.  Many of our customers have had our tents in use for decades.  Wall Tents have a steep history in our country.  Our country was largely settled in the early years by travelers seeking protection from the elements in a wall tent or cabin tent. Whether you hunted, fished, mined or were trapping wild game in the woods the wall tent was your home.  

Our wall tents are made from Sunforger Marine Finish canvas. This fabric contains a special added compound that gives greater water repellency and mildew resistance. Expect limited exposure shrinkage of approximately 3% under normal use. 

Our designs, craftsmanship, construction and materials are the finest in the country. When you buy one of our Wall Tents you know that it will be a generational purchase. You will also know that it is was made by hand by the finest team in the Wall Tent industry.   

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