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Canvas Tents – Glamping Tents – Tents – Tents With A Porch – Camping Tent – Which Tent Design Is Right For You?

Selecting a tent that best fits your needs can be a fun process when you start to look at the different tent options that are available.  When working with a company like ours you have the luxury to have a custom tent built to your exact specifications.  Whether you are looking for a wedding tent, maybe something along the lines of a military tent or an army tent or maybe a tent with a porch we will work directly with you to design the exact tent you are looking for that is specific to your use. When looking for heavy duty tents we have over 40 years of experience engineering tents that last.  Our tents are built for generations.   You...

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Montana Camping: Everything to Know About Canvas Tents

Many American's have turned to the joys of camping and other outdoor pursuits during these troubled times. Yet, camping's been on the rise in the USA since long before the words 'social distancing' ever echoed through our lives. According to the North American Camping Report for 2019, more than 7.2 million American households have taken up camping in the last five years. If you're one of these outdoor enthusiasts intent on taking advantage of the wide-open spaces more often, you'll need your own tent sooner rather than later. Here's what you need to know about picking the perfect tent for your next Montana camping expedition. The Best Type of Tents for Montana Camping If you've started your search for the perfect tent, you might...

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Tent Withstands Hurricane Winds

Our tents have been tested for decades to withstand harsh weather. A testament to this is what one of our customers shared with us recently related to Hurricane Laura. "Hi Big Sky Canvas!!! We love our tent!!!!!!! We put it up the weekend after we received it...not too difficult; minimal blood and tears :-) We stayed in it for the weekend, returned home, then learned the remnants of Hurricane Laura were going to hit our campsite that coming week! We were hoping and praying that our guywires would hold. We returned the following weekend, and she was bone dry and perfectly upright. That night it gusted to 30 mph winds and she was steady the entire time :-) Thank you so much!...

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The 6 Best Portable Toilets for Camping

The 6 Best Portable Toilets for Camping There's been a lot of debate about camping toilets, especially since the tiny house movement erupted. Composting toilets seemed to take center stage on all those HGTV shows. But, this leaves dedicated campers (or glampers) with a wealth of options and a little bit of shaky ground when it comes to decision-making time.  The truth is, the best portable toilet is going to adapt to your needs. You can go as basic as a five-gallon bucket lined with trash bags and sawdust, or you can go as high-tech as a nearly thousand-dollar compost toilet that will look and feel a lot like the toilet in your home.  Below, we're going to start with...

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