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Summer Fun On Your Horse

Are you looking for a summer outdoor activity?  If you have a horse that you haven't ridden in a while or know someone that has an extra one give them a ring to see if they want to go for a ride.   Many people are looking for different outdoor activities right now and riding a horse on a horseback trail ride, around the ranch or in the pasture is a great way to spend a day.  If you are in Montana and looking for different horseback riding spots feel free to reach out to us as we spend a lot of time with our horses out in the field.  Also, if you need horse packs, panniers, saddle bags or different...

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Canvas Tent Setup Guide

You have purchased your new Canvas Tent.  Now you are headed out on that first camping, hunting, fishing or adventure to try out your new tent.  We have put together a quick tent setup reference guide for you.  Canvas Tent Setup Guide: Remove any debris from where the tent will be setup.  Make sure there are no items that will be in the tent setup area. Determine canvas tent orientation.  This will be important as it relates to common wind direction and tree orientation.   Position angles (these are the corner kits where the rafters, legs and ridge poles will connect) and tent frame on floor in appropriate location for set up. 3 way angles go on the end of...

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Common Types of Awnings

Our Awning Division Since 1976, we've been making a full range of outdoor recreational products for a varying clientele. Over the decades, we have perfected the art of producing superior quality engineered products that our customers enjoy. Installing an awning on your property not only protects your building but also increases the usability of your outdoor space. The broad choice of awnings in our shop can offer you more than that.   Contact us today for custom made shade structures designed specifically to fit the style of your outdoor space. Talk to us today for quality products to make your home or commercial structure standout!

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Choosing The Right Sailboat Covers

How to Choose The Best Sailboat Covers Sailboats encounter extreme weather elements on their outdoor adventures, including a series of extreme dry and wet cycles comprised of scorching and humid summers and freezing winters. They also bump into hailstorms, salt air, bird droppings, dirt, and many other extremities.  That's why you should have high-quality sailboat covers that can withstand any form of weather beating to protect your worthy investment. The ideal boat tops should prevent rain from getting into the boat, offer protection against ultraviolet rays, and remain breathable.  Here are a few tips to help you choose the right boat covers. Color Sailboat covers come in different colors. It's advisable to pick colors that will fit the function of...

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