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Canvas Tent With Integrated Porch

When you start thinking about your camping experience an integrated porch with one of our canvas tents is a great addition to enhance your experience.  Adding a tent porch will create more covered area for shade, gear, cooking or a sitting area.  It takes our canvas tents to another level of use.  Integrated tent porches are customizable to your needs.  We can adapt them to how you plan to use your tent.  At many levels it starts to create an opportunity to turn your tent in a cabin tent.   Contact us to learn more about our canvas tents and integrated porches. 

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Boat Enclosure - Custom Boat Enclosure

A recent custom boat enclosure headed out of our shop.  Our boat cover division can make a variety of different boat enclosures, boat tops, bimini tops, travel covers and a full range of custom options for your boat.  To schedule a free consultation or learn more about our design process contact us via phone, email or stop by our shop.   Contact Us.   

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A Cot or Camping Cot Are Great In Canvas Tents – Outfitting Your Tent

After you purchase your canvas tent it is important to start thinking about what you are going to put inside it.  Sleeping arrangements are top priority for most.  We recommend looking for a cot to purchase to put in your tent.  A good cot will make a world of difference when it comes to sleeping.  There are a variety of different cots on the market.  Camping cots come in a number of different shapes and sizes.  Some are sturdier than others.  Keep the sturdiness of the cot in mind when shopping for one.  Although we do not make cots ourselves we do repair camping cots.  Sometimes over years of use the cot fabric will start to breakdown and need repair. ...

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Living In a Tent – Winter Camping Tents – Cold Weather Tents – Tent House - Camping Accessories

We have seen more and more people building more permanent tent structures.  These setups are what we often refer to as glamping tents or a tent house.  For decades hunting outfitters have mastered outfitter tent setups in the back country to keep their clients warm.  This traditional setup has evolved to take winter camping and winter camping tents to an entirely new level.  The best cold weather tents are canvas tents.   The primary reason for canvas tents being such a great cold weather tent is due to the strong insulation properties of canvas.  These tents also allow for the inclusion of a tent stove to warm your tent during winter camping. Whether you are looking for a large tent or a tent that is more modest in size our custom tent making abilities create the flexibility to design anything you can imagine with respect to...

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Your Complete Guide To Visiting National Parks

There are over 420 national parks across the United States of America, with 62 of them dedicated to preserving the country's natural resources. Each of these offers abundant opportunities for immersing yourself in nature's wonders on unforgettable camping trips. So, if you're looking for answers to the question, 'which national park should I visit?'. Read on.  Here's your guide to national parks in the USA and how to make the most of them.  Visiting National Parks You don't have to go camping when you visit one of our country's national parks, many of them offer alternative lodgings in the form of cabins, or nearby hotels. However, you can't beat the feeling of rising to the early morning glow in a canvas tent, with...

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