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Tips For A Safe Hunting Season

Fall is a nice time of year in the Midwest. Fall sports are back, trees change colors, and if it was a hot summer, the cooler temperatures feel nice. It’s also the time of year when hunters begin venturing into the woods. According to the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, more than 87 million Americans hunt, fish, and enjoy wildlife-related recreation annually. Combined, these activities generate more than $120 billion for the U.S. economy and support almost three million jobs. Whether you’re a gun collector, sport-shooting enthusiast, or hunter, here are some safety tips to keep yourself and others safe. Communication is key. Whether or not you own a gun, talking to your kids about gun safety is an...

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Properly Aging a Whitetail Buck

Properly Aging a Whitetail Buck Properly aging a whitetail buck is something that takes time, practice and good optics. While determining a buck’s age before pulling the trigger is starting to become more commonplace in the deer woods nationwide, there are still far too many that should walk for another few years to achieve maximum antler growth being shot. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the hunter, but rather a lack of education about how to judge a buck’s age. Bucks are often on the move, especially during the rut, and can sometimes be hard to identify as a shooter or a passer. Insert dense hardwoods into this equation and the judging can be downright difficult. Aside from young hunters,...

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Camping in Western Montana

You’ve still got plenty of time left this year to pack your camper or tent and hit the road for a few days of peace and quiet. The west side of Montana has some beautiful places to set up camp, and each of these spots sees travelers arrive well into autumn.     1. Finley Point State Park You’ll find Finley Point State Park on the south side of Flathead Lake. It’s nestled in a secluded Ponderosa pine forest, so you’ll feel like you’re far from civilization. There are 16 RV campsites, two primitive walk-in campsites and plenty of places to pitch a tent. The campground also has a marina with boat slips available, vault toilets, a day use picnic...

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Bow Hunting Tips

EARLY SEASON BOW HUNTING TIPS Aside from making sure that you are knowledgeable with your bow, there are several tips that can not only help you connect on a buck during the early season, but that can help you create a great hunt as your progress throughout the entire season. All-Season Trail Cam Corner Covering By hunting highly defined daily deer travel patterns, you can place your trail cams on the borders and corners of your land, to insure that you can identify not only every buck that enters or exits your land, but exactly where every buck enters or exits your land and why. Sound-proofing Your Access, Gear and Stand Locations A great way to answer if you are being quiet enough, is by...

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Answers to Montana Fly Fishing Questions

As we head into the summer season when things really get cranking and most of you venture to Montana, we thought it might be helpful to answer some of fly fishing’s most important questions. What gear should I improve immediately? A good rod is essential, and a good line on a functional reel is important as well, but the answer may be surprising: get a better pair of waders. If you get an excellent, top-of-the-line pair of breathable waders, you’ll be more comfortable wherever and whenever you fish, no matter the conditions. How do I get the best drift with a dry fly? A good pair of waders also allows the angler to wade confidently, and to better position himself...

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