Bow Hunting Tips


Aside from making sure that you are knowledgeable with your bow, there are several tips that can not only help you connect on a buck during the early season, but that can help you create a great hunt as your progress throughout the entire season.

  1. All-Season Trail Cam Corner Covering

By hunting highly defined daily deer travel patterns, you can place your trail cams on the borders and corners of your land, to insure that you can identify not only every buck that enters or exits your land, but exactly where every buck enters or exits your land and why.

  1. Sound-proofing Your Access, Gear and Stand Locations

A great way to answer if you are being quiet enough, is by asking yourself one simple question: "Would you hunt deer the way that you do, making the sound that you make, if the deer had a gun too?"

  1. Scent Elimination by Stand Location

The absolute #1 form of scent control, is where you hang your stands - not how you, your clothes or your gear smells.

  1. Scent Proofing Your Deer Hunting Access Routes

Clean clothes, low vegetation levels and brushless tree stand access routes are where scent elimination for deer hunting is a huge priority. Probably the #1 scent elimination for deer priority! I believe that hunters spook deer more deer due to stinky access routes, then while on their tree stands. The bad thing is that hunters rarely would ever know what they spook, because spooking deer caused by access routes can take place several hours after a hunter used a particular access route.

  1. Learn The Weather Deer Forecast Influencers

Drops in temperatures, rising barometric pressures, significant wind changes, extreme weather break-ups and several days of warm, boring and calm days serve to heavily influence deer movement patterns.


What is the great thing about setting the table for an outstanding early season bow hunt? That what you do now in preparation for a great hunt, actually continues to create the opportunity for a great bow hunt for October, November, December and January! Great hunting preparations last all season long, and so should your hunting opportunities. 

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