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Summer Fishing and Floating in Montana

Summer fishing and floating season in Montana is getting closer.  The rivers are a little high right now with the spring runoff.  Soon enough we will be out on the water.  This picture captures an epic day on the river.  In our neck of the woods we spend the most time on the Blackfoot, Clark Fork and Bitterroot rivers.  Occasionally we are lucky enough to head to the Madison and Gallatin rivers.   We constantly talk about filling our memory bucket with great outdoor moments with friends and family.  This picture captures one of those perfect moments.  At our shop we cherish and take great pride in knowing that everything we manufacture and craft creates a memory at some point...

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Walleye Fishing Tips

We put these Walleye fishing tips together by searching the internet for the most successful tips. Many of the below tips were sent to us by anglers like yourself. Use a Light Line – By using a light fishing line, you’ll get less resistance and drag when using a lure. This lets the walleye suck in the lure more easily and prevents you from getting a short strike. Remember, walleye inhale their prey most of the time and if that flow is prevented you’ll get a short strike. Try a Bottom Bouncing Rig – An L-shaped bottom bouncing rig is a great way to fish for walleye. As you retrieve your line the rig will bounce up and down off...

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