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Venison Recipes

Deer Heart and Eggs Anyone with a buck on the pole gets to sleep in. Even better, they get dibs on the best camp breakfast: heart and eggs. Preparations start the night before, as the heart is trimmed of fat, valves, and connective tissue, and then soaks in a light brine of salt, sugar, and water to draw out the blood overnight, leaving clean, crimson meat that can then be sliced into steaks. Each side is cooked briefly, until the exterior is caramelized and the inside remains pink. Remove the steaks from the pan and add a bit of butter and handful of forest mushrooms. As the mushrooms simmer, whisk together a half dozen eggs and pour it into the...

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How To Set Up Your Wall Tent

Setting up a wall tent may be tricky at first, so we here at Big Sky Canvas made an easy to follow step by step instruction guide.  How to set up your Big Sky Canvas Wall Tent:  Remove rocks and sticks in your canvas tent set up area. Determine canvas tent orientation. Set up your tent so the prevailing winds blow sparks and ashes from your stove pipe away from the tent. Sparks landing on a roof can burn holes in your roof and ash will cause your tent to get dirty. Position angles and tent frame on floor in appropriate location for set up. 3-way angles go on the end of tent frame and the 4-way angles in the...

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Best Meals For Hunting Camp

Here are ten of our favorite hunting camp meals. If you've ever been hunting, you know one of the highlights of every trip is the food. Nothing compares to breakfast over a fire at deer camp on a brisk fall morning. No dinner is as good as one with wild game over a fire, old hunting stories and a few cold ones. But which meal is the best of the best? Lucky for you, we decided to make a list.  1. Chili A hunting camp classic that is as good today as when your great-granddaddy was the camp cook. It tastes good, is easy to prepare and is perfect for putting in a thermos and taking to the stand or blind.  Put it...

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Tag Out Early This Fall: 3 Tips to Deer Hunting Soft Mast

Deer loves apples, pears, plums, persimmons and all sorts of other kinds of soft mast. Find these trees, and you will find great deer hunting spots. Here are some insights that will put you on the fast track to success this fall.  1. Because of the whitetail’s dependence on soft mast, hunters can cash in on hot early-season action by placing tree stands near trails leading to soft-mast plants. 2. Learn the location and ripening dates of soft-mast sources in your hunting area. 3. As fall progresses, fermenting fruit gives off ester, a volatile, pleasant-smelling plant chemical that often draws whitetails long distances. Besides wild pears, plums, grapes, apples and berries, other seasonal soft=mast crops attract deer throughout the season....

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Fall Camping Tips

Smell that? It’s the smell of a fall camping trip and there’s nothing else quite like it. The sun is shining despite a slight nip in the air, a fire is crackling nearby and the leaves are falling in a flurry of changing colors—fall is truly a majestic time of year, hence why fall camping trips are so popular. The following tips will help ensure your next fall camping adventure is one for the books! Read Up on Where You’re Going Come prepared to make the most of your adventure by researching everything you can about your fall camping destination. Find out what the weather will be like, what camp sites are available, and what type of activities or noteworthy...

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