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Bug Spray - Natural Bug Spray - Deet Free Bug Spray

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Natural Bug Spray that is Deet Free with lavender.  A wonderful combination to keep those pesky bugs and mosquito's away from you when you are out enjoying the outdoors.  If you are looking of a mosquito repellent the Big Sky Lavender - DE-BUGGIN ME is a wonderful choice. 

Have you ever come across one of those bug sprays that smells so bad you are afraid to spray it?  We sure have.  This Bug Spray smells like lavenders when you spray it.  Not only does it smell good, but it keeps the bugs at bay, so you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.  

Big Sky Lavender Farms is a locally owned and operated farm in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Montana.  Located just outside of Missoula, Montana Big Sky Lavender Farms has built an outstanding reputation in growing and producing Lavender based products. 

Their Bug Spray is a refreshing choice in the market.  You can feel comfortable in purchasing the Deet Free Bug Spray knowing that it was made by hand from a farm in Montana. 



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