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Duck Canvas Bed Roll

Take a trip to the great outdoors with our traditional bedroll. Our bedroll provides comfort and safety from the elements while letting you experience the wonder of nature. Our bedroll provides a traditional camping experience, like the cowboys that roamed the countryside.

Made from high-quality duck canvas, our bedroll keeps you safe and dry even in the harshest environments. Made to put right on the ground, our bedroll will ensure comfort while giving you the support and security to get a good night's sleep. Camp out under the stars, take a ride along the prairie or head up to the mountains to see that great view. With our bedroll, you can keep dry and warm in any weather.


Our bedroll is made of Grade A duck canvas. Duck canvas is tighter woven than traditional canvas, providing more protection from rain, snow, dirt and bugs. Our bedroll wicks water away, keeping your sleeping bag and pillow from getting wet, even in harsh conditions.

Like traditional cowboy bedrolls, ours is designed to take a beating, lasting for many great trips to come. Our canvas doesn't easily rip or tear and can be used in any environment.


Our bedroll makes travel easy, you can roll it up empty and strap it to your pack or roll up your sleeping bag and pillow to save some space. Once rolled up, two straps keep it snug and in place for easy travel and unpacking. Made for any trip, the compact roll is easy to secure on a backpack or horse and is even light enough to carry, so you can take it anywhere.


With our bedroll, you get more support on the ground. You can add an extra layer to your sleeping bag, and even add a sleeping pad. The canvas is breathable so you don't get hot in the summer but adds warmth for the winter months. You can get our bedroll with or without a zipper, letting you choose between opening up the roll and enjoying the night air, or getting in nice and snug for warmth and security. Whatever the weather brings, you can find comfort with our bedroll.

Though comfortable right on the ground, you can put our bedroll in a tent to add extra cushion, or even just use it rolled up as a pillow. Wherever you roam, our bedroll adds convenience and flexibility. When sleeping outside, you get the comfort of knowing that bugs and dirt aren't getting into your sleeping bag, allowing you a better night's sleep, as well as protecting your sleeping bag from wear and tear.

Protect Your Gear

It is large enough to store other gear in to keep them safe and dry along your journey. You can roll up your sleeping bag, pillow and other gear in it during travel to keep them dry. The canvas will keep water away from any valuables you put inside while hiking. 

The water wicking canvas not only keeps your dry, but will keep mildew away from you, your sleeping bag and any other gear you have inside of it. Sleeping under the stars has never been better.

Keep Warm

 Unroll by the campfire and enjoy the night without worrying about the cold and wet. The durable canvas of our bedroll will add warmth to your sleeping bag for those extra chilly nights. Keep out the wind and moisture even on the ground, or put in a tent for extra padding and support while you sleep. Get it with a zipper for added security and warmth, zipping yourself and your gear in for the night.

When sleeping on the ground, the tightly woven duck canvas protects from any dew that forms on grass and roots. When camping in the snow, the bed roll keeps you and your sleeping gear from getting soaked. Our bedroll is made for any occasion and season.


Our standard size is 96"L X 42"W, large enough to fit any sleeping bag and pillow. The large size accommodates people of all sizes and lets you store gear comfortably inside while still providing the protection you need. If you would like another size, we would be happy to make it for you.



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