Western States Hunting Guides - Montana - Colorado & Wyoming


Each state has unique and specific Hunting Regulations.  It can be challenging to review all of the information to map out a plan for your next hunting adventure.  To help with this we have compiled a quick reference set of hunting guides for hunting adventures in Montana, Colorado and Wyoming.  

If you are planning to hunt in one of these states we would recommend reading the guide and then contacting the local wildlife office to discuss patterns of the species you are hunting.  You will find that the personnel in these states that are tasked with managing wildlife will have a lot of information to share and be very helpful in the process.  They share the same passion as all hunters when it comes to wildlife, public lands and preserving the lands.  


To see the Montana Hunting guide that is published by the Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks click on the link below.  This will take you to the Species page.  Within this section you will see:

  • Bison, Black Bear, Deer, Elk, Antelope, Furbearer, Moose, Sheep, Goat, Mountain Lion, Turkey and Upland Game Bird, Waterfowl and Wolf.    

Navigate through each species to plan your next hunting trip to Montana. See the Montana Hunting Guide here. 


In the state of Colorado the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency publishes a multi-part Hunting Guide that is broken down by region.  You will see contact numbers or printed Guides for the following regions.

  • Northwest Region - Printed Guide
  • Southwest Region - Printed Guide
  • Southeast Region - Contact Information
  • Northeast Region – Contact Information

Click here for the Colorado Hunting Guide


Similar to Montana the Wyoming guide is broken down by species which is then broken by region.  The Wyoming Game & Fish Department has done a good job in providing ample information for your next or first hunting trip into Wyoming.  You can click on link below to access the guide.

Click here to see the Wyoming Hunting Guide


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