Caring For Your Big Sky Canvas Wall Tent.

We here at Big Sky Canvas want to make sure you care for your investment properly. Our canvas tents have been used all over the United States in a variety of environments for 40+ years and are built to last generations. Like other fine pieces of equipment, tools, and clothing, proper maintenance is required. Here are a few tips to care for your Big Sky Canvas Wall Tent:

Zipper Preservation: Have zipper unzipped when placing/removing wall tents over a frame to prevent too much stress on zipper.

Set up Location: Be aware of which trees emit resins and avoid setting up under these types of trees.

Set up tent: considering prevailing winds to keep sparks from blowing onto wall tents to prevent roof damage and repair costs.

Snow: Do not allow snow or water to accumulate onto the canvas. The heavy weight will cause the canvas to stretch, sag and eventually leak. Sweep snow and water from the top of the tent after it has accumulated or prevent accumulation by using a Big Sky Canvas rain fly.

Mildew: Moisture from condensation, dampness, rain and snow can leave your tent damp after an excursion. Even small amounts of moisture can leave your tent susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Never use bleach on wall tents as bleach destroys the treatment. Wherever bleach is used the tent is likely to leak. We suggest using our Mold and Mildew cleaner and blocker. Available online and at our store front.

Cleaning Tent: Things You’ll Need:

  • Soft scrub brush
  • Water source
  • Garden hose

Always brush off caked on dirt or mud (let mud dry) with a soft brush. Use a hose and scrub lightly. To clean your tent, use a hose with water and wipe with a cloth or soft brush. Do not use soaps and detergents to clean your tent, they can damage the water-resistance treatment of the canvas.

Coming Home: When transporting a wet tent home from an excursion, immediately set it up at home until it can be dried and stored properly. Mildew will begin to grow on stored, wet canvas in a few short days. The quickest way to destroy a tent is to put it away wet or damp. Store the tent in a cool, dry location.

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