How do I hunt with a wall tent?

Tips For Your Wall Tent Hunting Camp

Hunting season is just around the corner in most parts of the country. We have geared up for the season and look forward to talking with you about your tent needs. Whether it’s an expedition for elk in the Rocky Mountains or a quest for a woodland whitetail in the backwoods of Ohio, a canvas wall tent camp, is a great start for an adventure. We want our customers hunting experience to be exceptional, so we put together a few tips to follow this coming hunting season.

  1. Toss a fly over your tent. It’ll preserve your tent, keep it dry and shed snow.
  2. In subzero temperatures, have coolers on the inside of the camp by the sidewall away from the stove. They’ll stay cool but unfrozen.
  3. If kindling and firewood isn’t available where you camp, bring it from home.
  4. Invest in decent lanterns and plenty of fuel. In the short days of November, your camp will spend plenty of time in the dark.
  5. Shovel an inch or two of dirt in the bottom of your stove before firing to protect the bottom from unnecessary heating.
  6. Pack a hammer, an assortment of various-size nails and a span of rope with your camping gear. It’s incredible what you can build or repair with these simple items.
  7. Take a couple days’ extra food along. It’ll come in handy if you get stuck or wind up with extra mouths in camp.
  8. Bring along some cards, books and games. If the weather keeps you in camp, you can enjoy yourself instead of feeling irritated.
  9. Have a campsite notepad. Make notes for next year’s camp and a list of required items while they’re fresh in your mind.

Happy Hunting!

The Big Sky Canvas Team

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