How To Keep The Inside of Your Canvas Wall Tent Clean

We often get asked how do we keep the inside of our Canvas Wall Tent clean when we are taking it down.  We have some customers that have had their Wall Tents for 20 plus years and they look almost new.  Keep in mind these tents get used every hunting season.  Here are a few tips on how to keep the inside of your Wall Tent clean when taking it down. 

Keeping The Inside of your Wall Tent clean:

  1. Using a towel, clean the inside and outside sections of your sod cloth. When you fold your tent with a dirty sod cloth the inside of your tent will get dirty.  Make sure to clean your sod cloth while your tent still upright and the frame is intact. 
  2. Fold your tent walls to the inside of the canvas tent. ALWAYS have the inside of the tent touching other parts of the inside of the tent when taking down the tent or when folding the tent for storage. The outside of your tent always has dirt, dust, tree pitch etc, on it.  In a separate segment we talk about how to keep the outside of your wall tent clean.  If the outside parts of your canvas touches the inside of the tent - your inside part of your tent will be dirty- and you will have to look at the dirt while you are in the tent.  We have always practiced the motto of take care of things and they will last.  
  3. Do not pull out the wall stakes out by using the canvas wall as you might damage your canvas tent. A claw hammer is recommended.  Although our grommets and reinforcements on our canvas tents are built to withstand this pull, we recommend using a hammer.  This hammer will come in handy as well when you are setting your tent up. 
  4. Take down in reverse order of assembly.

Following all of these steps will enhance the life of your canvas tent and give you an opportunity to create many more memories while out hunting, fishing or camping.  

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