Canvas Tents – Wall Tents – Awnings – Canvas Covers – Canvas Shop – Tarps

Canvas Tents – Wall Tents – Awnings – Canvas Covers – Canvas Shop – Tarps

We are taking a moment to feature a variety of our product and service offerings.  With over 40 years of experience manufacturing a complex set of projects our list of manufacturing capabilities is far reaching.  We hope you find this guide useful.

We are everything from a Wall Tent Shop, to an Awning Shop, Truck Tarp Shop, Frame Shop, Boat Cover Shop, Custom Manufacturing Shop, Custom Canvas Covers Shop, RV Skirting Shop, Outdoor Shop, Horse Gear Shop and a number of other things related to the manufacturing industry and specifically the outdoor manufacturing industry.  See below for a more detailed list of our manufacturing capabilities.

  • Canvas Tents;
  • Wall Tents;
  • Awnings;
  • Canvas Covers;
  • Tarps:
  • RV Skirting;
  • Truck Tarps;
  • Canvas Wall Tent;
  • Canvas Frame Kit;
  • Montana Wall Tent Packages;
  • Tent Repair;
  • Boat Tarps;
  • Awning Tent;
  • Canvas Repair Shop;
  • Custom Boat Covers;

We take pride in our 40 plus years of service to our customers creating generational products.  We take further pride in knowing that each of our products is made by hand by our talented team.  We love sharing our story and look forward to working with every customer.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company and our manufacturing capabilities.    

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